Health Quest Podcast

Over the years, I've been invited to be interviewed by a number of podcast hosts.  I had always declined because either their platforms either included non-mainstream science or anecdotal stories vs fact to support their positionor included political overtones.   Three years ago, I met Mr. Steve Lankford, Host and Creator of HealthQuestPodcast in a Wellness Group that I am a member of. HealthQuestPodcast is an esteemed informative platform for interviewing quality companies that produce nutraceuticals, supplements, health and wellness productsall solid science based.  Steve and I discussed a podcast show about water and water purification which we completed in August.  Please click the HealthQuestPodcast link below to go directly to Steve's show and I cordially invite you to sign up for his terrific newsletter.



Is your water totally pure or only legally pure?


Steve's podcast is also promoted by Whole Foods Magazine, LinkedIn Group, and Facebook aquathin CHOSEN BEST PURIFICATION SYSTEM USA & UK