Evolution of Pollution

Pointing the finger at a problem doesn't get the job done. You cannot in most cases blame a municipal water supplier for not providing the best water because, he in fact, is doing the best job he can. It is a fact that the water you are drinking, if municipal, is legally safe to drink because it contains less than the Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCL) of acceptance for pollutants (unless otherwise notified). In addition, problems associated with hard water (calcium and magnesium) reduce the efficiency and useful life of dishwashers, hot water heaters and steam irons. Hard water creates heavy scaling on showers and baths, dishes and glasses and prohibits detergents and shampoos from thoroughly rinsing out of laundry and scalp. Combinations of hard water and iron concentrations often stain porcelain fixtures. They can form deposits leading to reduced water pressure and eventually clogging water pipes completely.

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 Excessive concentrations of hard water can be linked to problems associated with kidney stones, hypertension and deposits in joints between bones. Technology is available but the economics do not warrant a highly pure water for washing cars, irrigating lawns, etc. It is, however, easy and economical to treat the water at your home. You can blame those who illegally dump toxic material but be sure to point also to your neighbor who cleans a paint brush at the side of his house or puts a tissue with fingernail polish remover in the toilet. Pointing is not the direction...your personal action must be taken.

The laws today, designed to protect our precious drinking water, are much more strict than what they were 10 and 20 years ago. Government research and laboratory tests conclude that we must consume less heavy metals, less chemicals and less pesticides. However, common sense should say that the water we were told to drink years ago, was not safe by today's standards. And you can be sure that drinking water laws are going to become more protective in the next 20 years. We at AQUATHIN can not-and will not-allow our family and clients to wait for the safest drinking water. That is why we produce the most effective water purification systems available today. We believe there are others, like us at AQUATHIN, who believe there is no level of acceptance for any pollutant. Therefore, when you desire an alternative to your present source of water, be it municipal or well, talk to your local AQUATHIN Water Treatment Professional. See what makes us different and why.... AQUATHIN IS THE BEST. NO ONE DOES IT BETTER!