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The Aquathin Resource Center integrates select Industry News and Technology Updates formerly reserved for Aquathin Dealers, along with our OP-ED Commentary.

Tech Bank #140 - It's standard operating procedure... a whole lot of bad water is better than none - NYC cited for not notifying customers about violations. 

Tech Bank #139 - When is it OK to drink more pesticide?  I can't believe you even have to ask - Drinking water regs to allow more atrazine.

Tech Bank #137 - Hey, Who's watching the water plant? N.O. Body - Water plant break-in leads to security critisms.

Tech Bank #136 - How to dry clean your delicates with your very own tap water - PCE contamination shuts down city well.

Tech Bank #135 - Negative effects of waste water spraying - No Kidding! - Water wells tainted by NC city's sewage discharge.

Tech Bank #134 - Need another reason to have an Aquathin, Here 'Tis - Ontario water still not tested properly.

Tech Bank #133 - 2/3 of world stressed for fresh water - UN declares 2003 the year of freshwater.

Tech Bank #132 - Bad Boy Report - Leading water vending machine fails tests - Glacier Water does not meet CA standards.

Tech Bank #130 - Suspected Viral pathogens of the Future - Half of all waterborne disease outbreaks causes are never found.

Tech Bank #129 - UK Household waste to Double, Here's what is ot said. - England waste to double by 2020.

Tech Bank #128 - Uranium in Ireland waters - Irish village loses water after Uranium found in well.

Tech Bank #127 - Bad Boy Report: City gets sued for $1 Billion for THM Contamination - Contaminated water cased miscarriage.

Tech Bank #126 - How's this for birth control; Pesticides - Sperm quality poorer in rural men.

Tech Bank #125 - Bad Boy Report: Right in my own back yard - Florida to rescing city lab's certificate to test water.

Tech Bank #124 - Bad Boy Report: NYC schools flunk water test - Lead in water shuts off faucets at NYC schools.

Tech Bank #123 - Airline water... I don't think so - How safe is airline water?

Tech Bank #122 - More on Farm Runoff - Water pollution from farm runoff a problem in Kentucky

Tech Bank #121 - If the Arsenic standard is unconstitutional, what do you call the intentional poisoning of Americans - Lawsuit to challenge the new standard for arsenic in drinking water.

Tech Bank #120 - Panama still needs Aquathin - Panama's drinking water not up to minimal standards.

Tech Bank #119 - Report: Water systems still easy target for terrorists - Multi-billion dollar effort will barely dent problem.

Tech Bank #118 - Tighter restictions on Canadian bottled water - Tougher standards proposed in Ontario.

Tech Bank #115 - Toxic algea in city water supply - Residents made sick by algea laced water.

Tech Bank #113 - Clean Water Act turns 30!! - Renewed federal commitment needed.

Tech Bank #112 - Big drop in EPA policing of polluters - Penalties & remadies from EPA down 80 percent.

Tech Bank #111 - Use of recycled water contains crypto & Giardia - Reused water contains high levels of giardia & Cryptospordium.

Tech Bank #108 - A new industry trend; Polluter's going to jail - Delaware urges prison for polluters. 

Tech Bank #107 - Poor water treatment throughout Michigan - Water coalition decries state's poor treatment systems.

Tech Bank #106 - What color is the ocean bottom where sewage runoff empties? - World summit addresses water problems.

Tech Bank #105 - Water related deaths could outweigh AIDs epidemic- 2 to 5 million deaths per year.

Tech Bank #104 - Large carbon filters for highly soluble organics, I.E. MTBE - School gets filter system.

Tech Bank #102 - Runoff from animal farms is not just a U.S. problem - Aminal farms a major, repeat polluter.

Tech Bank #101 - I'll bet you live closer to a polluted waterway than you know - Few being prosecuted for water pollution.

Tech Bank #100 - Poisoning of our water info found on terrorist suspects - Two arrested in Denver.

Tech Bank #99 - Bad Boy Report: Mining causes total loss of water & pollution - Residents sue utlility.

Tech Bank #97 - Bad Boy Report: Gasoline in water - Buried tanks leaking gasoline in Florida's soil, 

Tech Bank #96 - NYC beefing up water security - Water security important for all cities.

Tech Bank #95 - 95% of all water in Mexico is contaminated - In Mexico, Drink Beer!!

Tech Bank #92 - Al Qaeda plans for our water - Feds say Al Qaeda studying water plants.

Tech Bank #90 - Viruses in river...Let's go for a swim - Cuyahoga river polluted with viruses.

Tech Bank #86 - Bad Boy Report: Who's to blame for the most oil pollution to oceans? It's You!! - Oil pollution to oceans not from tanker spills.

Tech Bank #85 - Bad Boy Report: Oil spill at Galapapos - Oil spill decimated Galapagos iguanas.

Tech Bank #83 - Drinking water threat... Mercury - Man arrested for alleged water poison threat.

Tech Bank #81 - Cancers on the rise and our environment is to blame--Who's minding the store anymore? - Escalating childhood cancers ignored.

Tech Bank #80 - Kidney disease rising in Walkerton, Canada due to e.coli - 400 percent jump in kidney disease.

Tech Bank #75 - EPA reviews standards - EPA reviews 69 existing drinking water standards.

Tech Bank #74 - News on Atrazine / Common Pesticide - Pesticide blamed for frog mutations.

Tech Bank #73 - Ontario water problems - $10 million to groundwater studies in Ontario.

Tech Bank #72 - Bad Boy Report:  Municipal water suppliers falsify reports - Judge orders sale of water companies.

Tech Bank #71 - Bad Boy Report: Intentional dumping of mining waste - Compnay admits to polluting river.

Tech Bank #70 - Competitor cooler recall - Canadian company recalls water coolers.

Tech Bank #69 - Bad Boy Report: Iz dis zoup? Nyet! It's Vater - Moscow's reservoir is body dumping ground 

Tech Bank #65 - Bad Boy Report: Dead cow & manure flavored Kool-Aid anyone? - Cattle ranch polluting waterways

Tech Bank #64 - FDA acting on pharmaceutical contamination - FDA tests environmental effects.

Tech Bank #63 - Update: More on drugs in water - Pharmaceutical wastes taint US waters.

Tech Bank #61 - When is cow juice more than just milk?  Try your shower! - Buried, burned cows could pollute Englands water.

Tech Bank #60 - Waiter, There's a fly in my soup, my iced tea, my coffee, my .... - Fly larvae in tap water.

Tech Bank #59 - Bad Boy Report: Intentionally discharging pig & human waste - Pig farm fined $1 million.

Tech Bank #58 - Fallout Exposure---You are included - Almost all in U.S. have been exposed to fallout.

Tech Bank #57 - Bad Boy Report: Clean water act violation in PA. - Company fined $8.2million for Clean Water Act violation.

Tech Bank #56 - Farm runoff contamination - Suit wants farms to follow strict clean water rules.

Tech Bank #55 - Bad Boy Alert!! Fraudulent Lab Tests - Police investigate fraudulent lab tests.

Tech Bank #54 - Plot to poison U.S. Embassy - Four arrested in Italy

Tech Bank #48 - Rock salt a toxin - Canada may declare rock salt a toxin.

Tech Bank #46 - Lockheed Martin pays $65M plus - Company faces suit for alleged water contamination.

Tech Bank #45 - A new filter made from what!! - Unusual filter may help purify Bolivian water.

Tech Bank #44 - Top scientists predict more deaths - Top scientists fear more water contamination deaths.

Tech Bank #43 - CIA reports water plants high priority - CIA: Water facilities are potential terrorists targets.

Tech Bank #42 - Cancer victims paid - Victims in cancer case will get $13.5 Million.

Tech Bank #41 - There's more in your beer than meets the eye - Fowl droppings could foul water, then beer.

Tech Bank #40 - Drinking treated sewage...Literally - Removing drugs is key to water reclamation.

Tech Bank #39 - TCE in Chicago wells - Wells in Chicago seeing TCE Contamination.

Tech Bank #53 - World's water in jeopardy - 5 to 10 million deaths a year due to water related diseases.

Tech Bank #38 - High levels of chlorinated compounds in Tapwater - Disinfecting byproducts in Boston's water systems.

Tech Bank #51 - Pesticides in water - Not dangerous levels of pesticides found in water

Tech Bank #49 - New Canadian water standards for children & Seniors - Canada adopts new water standards for the young and the old.

Tech Bank #37 - Tap water bad for pregnant women - Millions drinking tap water unsafe for pregnant women.

Tech Bank #36 - Researchers study aging water systems pipes - Groups study effects of corrosional pitting on water pipes.

Tech Bank #35 - Walkerton Utility - Walkerton officials discuss fate of utility foreman.

Tech Bank #23 - Water for Schools and Nursing Homes - Water for schools & nursing homes under strict scrutiny.

Tech Bank #33 - Chlorine vs Mycobacterium - Chlorine may not always protect water.

Tech Bank #32 - Very Interesting Statistics - Poll: Water Supply could be terrorist target.

Tech Bank #29 - Water plant takes action against terrorism - Detroit to test water more often after 9/11/01 

Tech Bank #28 - Waterborne birth defects in Texas - Chlorination byproduct linked to birth defects.

Tech Bank #27 - Heightened interest for passing drugs - Canada says prescription drugs may be polluting water.

Tech Bank #26 - More on MTBE - MTBE use is spreading

Tech Bank #25 - Terrorism and Drinking Water - Are water supplies safe from terrorism?

Tech Bank #24 - Concern over pesticide levels in European foods - Pesticide residues higher than legal levels

Tech Bank #22 - 2 Million children die per year--Here!! - Hike in water-linked health risks predicted.

Tech Bank #21 - Terrorist Concerns at Home - Terrorism targeted by world's tap water Suppliers.

Tech Bank #20 - Why Does the Coffee taste like #!*@ this Morning?!?! - Mistake by employee cited as cause of contamination.

Tech Bank #19 - More on Lack of Compliance - U.S. easy on Polluters.

Tech Bank #18 - New Universal Water Problem - Algae toxins found in drinking water.

Tech Bank #16 - New Twist to Nitrates - Study finds Nitrate-Cancer Link

Tech Bank #15 - Not Just in North Carolina - Forgotten landfills could be tainting N. Carolina groundwater.

Tech Bank #14 - One Billion Pounds more than Last Year - Toxic discharges report released.

Tech Bank #13 - Cancer Causing Chemical Cocktail - Government intends to relax the standards on Arsenic.

Tech Bank #11 - Do you know why dogs drink from toilets?...They knew it was inevitable - Future brings toilet to tap.

Tech Bank #10 - We got our work cut out for a very long time. - Water infrastucture tab totaled.

Tech Bank #9 - Drugs in the Water - Prescription drugs turn up again in water.

Tech Bank #8 - Expanding Your Business Focus - Microelectronics is next boom industry for water treatment.

Tech Bank #1 - Aquathin Presentation on Target and Years Ahead of World- European Union targets water contaminants.

Tech Bank #2 - Hey What's That Swimming Next to You? - US law would allow treated boat sewage discharge

Tech Bank #4 - Reeks of Nazi Deathcamp Medical Experiments - Human drinking water study raises controversy.

Tech Bank #3 - PCE Contamination at Military Base - Military looks for children hurt by PCE in water. 

Tech Bank #5 - World's freshwater systems get a poor health report. - Freshwater systems worldwide in danger.

Tech Bank #6 - Pollution in UK - Nonpoint source pollution increasing in UK.