About Aquathin Corporation

AQUATHIN® CORP. was founded in March of 1980 and formulated from a single concept that we are going to produce the most effective water purification system available (EPA EST. NO. 52531-FL-01). Since the beginning AQUATHIN® had acquired a patent for its unique treatment system which utilizes REVERSE OSMOSIS PLUS DEIONIZATION. And over Aquathin's 35+ Years Pure Excellence, we have earned seven patents. At AQUATHIN®, we have listened to the important feedback from our dealers and from their input, developed the finest water filtration, conditioning and treatment systems for residential, commercial and laboratory applications. All AQUATHIN® systems encompass sophisticated design and technique for the highest efficiency available. Maintenance is minimal allowing us to give you the finest warranty in the industry . . . and we live up to it. Your AQUATHIN® Water Treatment Professional has been trained and educated with the technical support afforded at AQUATHIN® UNIVERSITY. In addition to owning a host of patents, proprietary products and many years of success, Aquathin is ISO Certified...the premier international certification of quality.

Letters of Delight and Testimonials

I have had this unit for more than 12 years in everyday service and have enjoyed using it ever since I bought it.

George V. - South Carloina

We had the Aquathin unit installed in our home in South Africa and would like to install the same in London, do you have a British supplier? Or know of a British supplier I can get in touch with?


Your reply will be most appreciated.


Thanks and kind regards,

Nicole R. - London, England

I live in France, Normandy and I want becoming an distributor for France and Europe if is it possible.

I have an under sink Aquathin model with booster pump and delivery pump it is a great pleasure every day.

Philippe V. - France, Normandy

We had one of your systems installed in our home about a year ago…and we enjoy it very much.   

Thank you,

John C. - Minneapolis, MN

Team Aquathin,

We've had an Aquathin Platinum 90 Reverse Osmosis Deionization water purification system since 1994.  We purchased it when we were stationed at Altus AFB, OK and have taken it with us throughout the remainder of my Air Force career.  In other words, we've installed it on 4 separate occasions (Altus, OK, Bellville, IL, McGuire AFB, NJ, and now in Williamsburg, VA.   With the Platinum 90 we also purchased the tackle box style RODI purifier to use when we were on the road.  And of course we LOVE both of them.

Before moving from NJ to VA in 2004, we purchased a water softener, an Aquathin Soft & Clean Model ASC40K/F plus a MEGACHAR whole house filtration system and brought it with us to install in our new home.   It was installed by a local plumber since there were NO Aquathin dealers in the area.

That brings me to all the support we've received from the Aquathin Team (Alfie and his Gang).  It's an absolute pleasure working with everyone from Aquathin.  It really makes you feel special when you receive an email response back from the President and CEO on any issue or concern with any of our systems.  At one time we sent our Platinum 90 back to Aquathin at one time for them to check out, install new seals/filters, and it came back as good as new.  At another time, we purchased the kit and instructions on how to replace the charcoal in the MEGACHAR and the resin for the softener!  Everything worked out perfectly.  And I know if I experienced any kind of problems or had any questions the Aquathin team would have no problems providing a solution.


Again, my experience with the Aquathin Team has been nothing less than FANTASTIC!!  We're thinking of moving to Ohio in the near future and, of course, plan to take our Platinum 90 with us.  As for the softener, we'll have to work something out to purchase another because we couldn't be more pleased with our system.


THANK YOU again Alfie for everything.  I'm sure we'll be in touch.



Jeff B - Virginia


Dear Alfie,

OurAquathinunit has started to do strange things.  I am sure you could probably sell me a replacement part but after reliablyproviding pure water for 26 years to a kitchen, three bedrooms and a barwithin three stories;it is probably a good time to let itretire in peace.  Please send mean Aquathin High Flow Aqualite as a replacement as soon as you can.  It will be like the power is out in our house until we have the replacement installed.

It sure would benice if other things webuy wouldwork well for 25 years.  It seems like my cell phone is on its last legs as it nears its 2 year mark!

Bob F. - California


Hi Alfie,

Thank you for your enormous support and educational process that we are at Aquathin of New Jersey going true by interacting with you.

Your mentorship is Priceless and Very Appreciated.

It feels so good to make a difference in the people life.

I am proud and privilege to represent Aquathin in my part of the World and looking forward for another exciting and productive year of work with you.

Best Regards, Alex Slipetz President AQUATHIN NEW JERSEY http://www.aquathinnj.com/

Alex Slipetz

Your product is great, thanks for the updated info.

Karl J. - New Hampshire




At least once a month someone asks me, “Why do you only sell Aquathin water purification systems?” What they are really asking is “What makes Aquathin special?”.

Quality Lasts

The people that know me well know I appreciate quality. I use things until they literally fall apart. Then I fix them before I replace them. I’ve got a pair of Johnson & Murphy dress shoes that have served me for 32 years. I drive a 2002 Jeep Wrangler with 264,920 miles under the hood. My Jeep replaced my 1994 Chevy S10 that carried me faithfully 317,000 miles. I still listen to vinyl on a Fischer stereo system that is 37 years old. When I build furniture, I use only real wood. In a disposable culture, I’m a throwback. I believe in buying things that last. And quality lasts. Aquathin water purification systems are quality systems.

Passion for Purity and Excellence

I met Alfie Lipshultz, President and CEO of Aquathin, in 1998. When you hear Alfie talk, you don’t just hear the passion in his voice about pure water, you feel it. Some people spend their life looking for their passion. Not Alfie. His passion is developing and building the best water purification systems in the world so people can drink the purest water possible.

At the time we met, Alfie and the Lipshultz family had been designing, patenting, manufacturing and selling water systems around the world for 22 years. Today they manufacture over 70 systems.  And from the simplest carbon icemaker filter to the most complex laboratory or hospital systems, quality and effectiveness are not only a priority, they are the priority.

Aquathin uses high standards to manufacture their systems and they are just as particular when it comes to approving dealerships. Even today, you can’t find Aquathin systems in big box stores.

A Matter of Trust


Every day there is a new story with a water contamination connection. It may be a chemical spill or a busted pipe. Scary reports about lead, nitrates, sewage, or pharmaceuticals in the water we trust to be safe to drink. Except it’s not. That sacred trust has been broken. But Aquathin understands the importance of trust.  Alfie once told me “Our customers depend on us to provide them the safest and cleanest water possible.” It’s a tremendous responsibility to hold that trust, but that is exactly what Aquathin does.

Seeing is Believing

As an Aquathin dealer in South Florida, we serviced some of the original RO/DI systems that were sold direct in 1980. I first became a dealer in 1998. Those systems were already 18 years old!  10 years later many were still producing the same quality of pure water as they did the day they were first installed. I’ll never forget the service call in a home where the Aquathin system was 22 years old. The homeowner was grumbling about the cost to service the unit. I get it. I don’t like to spend money unless it is necessary. But I asked him what else he owned in the house that was 22 years old and still going strong. His wife looked at him with a smile and then told me “Only the Aquathin”. We serviced that system for another 3 years. And then they replaced it with a new one.

Aquathin – No One Does it Better


So why don’t we sell other brands? Why do we only sell Aquathin water purification systems?

The answer is simple. Aquathin systems work. They are dependable, and they are made to the highest quality standards. They are manufactured in the USA by a family that understands their reputation is on the line with every product that leaves the warehouse. I believe you deserve the purest water available. Aquathin agrees. No One Does It Better isn’t a tagline. It’s the truth.

AQUATHIN® CORP. was founded in March of 1980 and formulated from a single concept that we are going to produce the most effective water purification system available (EPA EST. NO. 52531-FL-01). Since the beginning AQUATHIN® had acquired a patent for its unique treatment system which utilizes REVERSE OSMOSIS PLUS DEIONIZATION.

Aquathin is an ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems Registered / Certified Company (IMS-0192) (NQA-12635)





Mike Krause - The Allergy Store



Archdiocese of Accra

Good Morning Alfred

 I'm not often here (LinkedIn)

 But, actually, this platform got me an opportunity to Say personal THANK YOU to you for giving my family a clean water and excellent customer service from your employees in Aquathin NJ

 Thank you






Alexander G.

Last November we sold our house together with our water system. At this time we are temporarily in a rental but when we are in a more permanent home we will contact you for another system 

  Thank you for all the years of great service. 



Tania O

Dear Mr. Lipshultz (Alfie):  It was a pleasure meeting you on Wednesday; and indeed I am very thankful for your prompt response to my inquiry.  I shall call my Aquathin Authorized Dealer and request a visit to ascertain needed service for my filtration system.   Your swift response is obviously a reflection of your business practices; and why customers would want to repeat doing business with your firm.  Thank you again for your help.  AQUATHIN CUSTOMER FOR 28 YEARS

John P.

Hi Alfie-this is Sherry, Cheryl and Greg Petersen's next door neighbor.

Just wanted to let you know that even though we got off to a bit of a rough start with the RO water installation, everything has fallen into place.

In fact, at first my husband wouldn't look at it. He's been drinking Poland Spring so long he thinks all other water is poisonous or something!

After much ado I FINALLY got him to try it and guess what..... no more Poland Spring!

In fact, when I got up this morning after my husband had gone to work, I went to brush my teeth and found no toothpaste. I know there was a full tube last night.

I scramble to find a new tube and then come out to the kitchen to find not only the toothpaste, but his toothbrush also. Now he won't even brush his teeth with the regular water!

Good job Alfie. Thanks for everything!


Good morning Alfie and thanks for reconnecting us with Mick… small world…  He already texted me… 

Pretty confident Mick “heard” about Aquathin when we were at Hippocrates since we are always spreading the gospel … Happy he is onboard and Yes we are and remain filled with gratitude every day enjoying this fabulous water, oh and…. the addition to our family does too ( We rescued abandoned Allegra in a rainstorm 3+ years ago and she gets to drink nothing but Aquathin water!)

Have a great day!




Dear Alfi and dedicated engineering team, 


I wanted to thank you for creating a very well designed system.  After the initial investment, the unit has proven a reliable high quality product.  Filter replacement are both reasonably priced and easy to self service.  The unit remains maintenance free for the last 12 years, thus greatly outperforming my children of the same age.  Interestingly, all the kids prefer Aquathin treated water over soda and other sweet drinks.  I wholeheartedly agree with their taste.  That is just it, there is no taste.  I can imagine ground source water in an agricultural community being especially challenging to treat with all the nitrogen and other chemical seepage into the water table.  Over in our neighboring community, Tri Cities, Washington, the tap water is not palatable.  I would imagine the entire region of Eastern Washington would benefit from your system, if not already.


Twelve years and going strong.  Amazing.  


Alfi, be well and best wish on your future endeavors.

John K. Portland, OR

You will read this Customer first bought an Aquathin "40" years ago…and you will ask, "how could that be when Aquathin is celebrating its 37th Anniversary".  The Answer:  Dana purchased a prototype as we initiated field testing.  Dana continued to service the prototype up till he purchased an Aqualite in 2004…and now his 3rd Aquathin…an Aqualite for his new condo.  GOTTALUVIT !!!


Thanks Alfie. I bought my first Aquathin from your Dad almost 40 years ago. The house I built in Jacaranda Lakes in 1978 was my first Aquathin unit. Dad had the liquor store on Federal Hwy. and then you opened your new business together. Wow, how time flies. Thanks Again Alfie.














Dana Nyborg

Dear Alfred,

As you know we ordered an AQUATHIN Platinum unit from your office back in 1997. I just wanted to say how pleased we have been with the unit for these past 20 years. As

you know, we have the unit serviced once every year and I am frankly amazed that we have never had an issue with it.

In fact, we were so pleased with it that when we decided to sell our house and buy a condo, we decided to leave the unit in the house as a selling point and buy a NEW Platinum unit for our condo.

Thanks so much for lining up that instalation. It seems to work perfectly. We look forward to another 20 years of great service from this new unit!

Thanks again.


P. Albert C. - Coral Springs, Florida

Your products are of the highest standard.You can be proud of what you bring to humanity. Clean pure water that keeps our human system in balance. After all we 75% water. Even from space planet earth looks blue, water.

Jopie D. - South Africa

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you once again for the exceptional quality of your products and customer service. 

As you might recall, we first purchased our softening, conditioning and RODI system in the UK, and loved it so much that we shipped it across the Pond when we moved to the US five years ago! We're now about eleven years in, and having just switched out the resin last year at the ten year mark and put in a new set of filters, the system continues to run as well as it did the day we bought it.

As with this latest interaction, it's wonderful to know that you guys are only ever a call away and are always willing to take the time to talk me through whatever question I might pose. And most important of all, it's so comforting to know the know the water our family drinks and bathes in is safe - I know it's no coincidence that our children seem to have healthier skin than many of their peers. 


Keep up the good work!


Andy D. - Macungie, Pennsylvania

Please enjoy the recent SIX LETTERS OF DELIGHT from these most impressive hospitals and companies.  Capris Medica lists 53 hospitals that have multiple Aqualite-TXF > LDI ( 175 units ) in each servicing blood analyzing machines that require UPW (Ultra-Pure Water).  Roche Laboraties citing 24 Aqualite-TXF > LDI.  And the others all proudly stating how much and how long ( 10 - 16 years ) they have enjoyed the excellent service and reliability provided by Carlos and his Fine Team at Hidrofiltracion / Aquathin Costa Rica.


Hidro Filtracion - Costa Rica

It is rare to ever adequately relate to someone both the life-altering benefits of a product and ease of doing business with its owners.

I've owned and used an Aquathin RO unit for more than 30 years.  In addition, I've used an Aquathin RO unit in my Dental practice for decades.

I have strongly recommended this product to my patients, friends and family.

Martin A. Robins, D.D.S. - Boca Raton, FL

At Fiesta Acapulco we are happy and proud to say that, we use Aquathin product for our water treatment and filtration. We also use this product at our house

Troy and Peggy Sue Higginson did an awesome job by installing our system. These guys are very knowledgeable, professionals and smart, to do any custom job to meet your needs. The most honest people I ever known.

If you want to provide clean water to your kids and family, contact these guys. (Aquathin Air & Water Purification)

I highly recommend them to all my friends.

Fiesta Acapulco - Newburgh, IN

Dear Sirs,

My American wife and I live in Portugal and have one of your excellent water filters, which are essential in this country.

John Gold - Portugal

Hi Alfie,

Just received the order.  Awesome turn around!

I see the shipping protection has also been upgraded, that is awesome as well!  Less hassle, time saver and disappointment prevention for the dealer/customer getting his order in a timely fashion without damage delays!

Thanks for the awesome service!

Edwin B. - Tallevast, FL

Your company, track record, patents, products, and mission statement are exemplary.

Ken Johnson - Thousand Oaks, CA

We cannot express how grateful we are for our Aquathin each and every day!

Michael & Cecilia Hamilton - Desert Hot Springs, CA

Dear Aquathin team,

      For many years (in fact more than 10) I am a happy owner of your KT 90 water purification system.  When I bought it we lived in East Bay area of Northern CA.  We did have a decently clean water supply there but still it wasn't fit for a "facet drinking" quality that we used to living in Europe.  Getting KT 90 has resolved all minor issues and since then we stopped to buy any drinking water in stores - sorry Perrier guys.  We used that purified water for drinking, cooking, and even for our cars batteries :).  

I must note that it was absolutely obvious that our over all health as well as digestive tracts conditions have improved significantly.

     Seven years ago we moved to beautiful Pawleys Island, SC and immediately realized all benefits of having our small, practically portable but very effective purification system.  SC water is, well, different.  Now I am so thankful for the right decision back in time because KT 90 is what keeps our health from excess of chlorine at our local water source. I should also mention that all these years we had an excellent support from the manufacturer either by phone or by its very helpful site explaining all maintenance procedures (how to change filters and so on).

All in all, me and my wife are very happy to be Aquathin customer!

Thank you very much team.  Merry Christmas and successful and healthy 2017 to you and yours.


George V. - Pawleys Island, SC

The City of Columbiana WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant) had the Aquathin High Flow Platinum 90 Patented Reverse Osmosis / Deionization Purification System installed in April of 2000. The quality of water that the system produces is well beyond that required in the municipal wastewater laboratory industry. John Fimognari, our SDG service representative (Authorized Aquathin Dealer) provides annual maintenance services on the system and has always been prompt, informed, and diligent in achieving the best quality of water for our laboratory. I have been very pleased with the system and the service provided by SDG Wellness and John.

Karen DeHoff, City of Columbiana WWTP Laboratory

Thanks to everyone for continued great service!

Lily D.

You guys are great! Thank you for your outstanding customer service.

Ariane, Administrative Assistant, Silicon Mountain Contract Services

I have an Aquathin Water System in our home. It has been working great for at least 10 years and we are very pleased with this system.

Ron K.

Thank you. The filter (Pearl 30) is great !!!!!

Dr. Robert Rifkin

Without that system I don’t feel safe drinking the cistern water. It is such a relief to know that you make a great quality product and have great people associated with you to distribute it.

Denise J.

Since installing the Aquathin’s reverse osmosis deionization water purifier systems 100+24K and 600+24K in our two campuses of Ho Chi Minh City, the systems have been consistently producing good quality, bacteria-free water. We aim to provide the best educational program to our students as well as the best health services in which there are healthy food and healthy drinking water. I trust Aquathin’s water purifier products in helping us do so.

Phil M Nguyen, General Director, The American School of Vietnam

Congratulations to everyone at Aquathin as the company is presented with the Emerald Award for improved environmental practices. The award recognizes and honors the hard work of every person in Aquathin and is a tribute to your organization’s environmental accomplishments. I congratulate your entire team for their continued efforts to protect and preserve our precious natural recources.

Kristin D. Jacobs, Broward County Commissioner

Best systems and best company.

JO from Johannesburg

On behalf of the State of Florida, congratulations to the Aquathin Corporation on 26 years of success in manufacturing and exporting water purification and filtration products. Aquathin is a leader in the global marketplace and fostering Florida’s international development efforts. As a recipient of the Presidential E-Award, the Miami Herald Pacetter award, and ISO 9001 certification, your contributor to business excellence has been tremendous and serves as an outstanding example of the quality companies that are created and thrive in our great state.

I wish you continued success and prosperity well into the future.

Jeb Bush

I have used this system in England. Prior to that we drank Aquathin bottled water for two years. During that time, I have become a believer that ‘we are what we ingest!’. I have an autistic son and two daughters who have been very healthy over the past six years. I don’t believe that Aquathin purified water is a cure for autism, but I do think if we keep our bodies healthy, then we can focus more energy on overcoming our disabilities / difficulties in life. Matthew is now mainstreamed in the 5th grade, and the last term he receive five A’s and one B! We use the Aquathin water for drinking, preparing / washing foods, and for cooking. I can’t speak highly enough of it, and I strongly recommend that everyone who cares about their health use the Aquathin method of water purification.

Cindi C.

As a complete turnkey skincare manufacturer, Integrated Process Solutions (Authorized Aquathin Dealer), offered us a complete system that gives us the best quality water and storage we could find. We manufacture cosmetics for some of the largest companies in the world. Since installing and running the Aquathin 1200 GPD Reverse Osmosis System for our cosmetics company, we been extremely pleased to date. The Aquathin system in combination with the balance of plant that your company provided has kept us in compliance and we have had not recalls since.

Jamie Hyman, VP of Sales, COSCo., The International Cosmetic Company

Please accept my congratulations on your recent ISO9001 Reassessment Audit. As your auditor and quality professional with more than 35 years working in the quality field, I can honestly say, without reservation, that your organization was one of the better organizations that I have audited. The high level of commitment of quality and service to your distributors as well as the enthusiasm displayed throughout the organization was clearly evident during this audit. The highly effective leadership combined with the competent well qualified employees certainly contributes to the success of your organization. Alfred, you and your team are to be commended on taking a leadership role in the manufacture, design and delivery of water purification systems.

Jack Doherty, President, National Resource Center for Business, Inc.