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WQA S-200 (04/06/2012): Residential and Commercial Water Filters is within WQA's ANSI approved scope of accreditation under the Drinking Water Treatment Units Scheme


This section of the directory lists those water softeners which have been certified in accordance with "Voluntary Industry Standard For Household, Commercial, and Portable Exchange Water Softeners," S-100 and is published periodically by the Water Quality Association (WQA), as a service to the industry and consumers. The WQA is a not-for-profit international association of manufacturers, distributors, and dealers of water softeners and other water treatment systems for household, commercial, and industrial applications. This on-line directory is continuously updated to identify those water treatment equipment products that have been tested and passed stringent industry standards to become certified by the Water Quality Association.

Certification means that a production line water softener was tested at the Water Quality Association laboratory, or any of the other testing laboratories recognized by the Water Quality Association, and was found to have met the standards for removal of hardness and reduction of specific contaminants. In addition, the materials and components used in these water softener systems must meet the rigorous safety and structural integrity requirements set by industry Standard WQA S-100.

Stand-alone components certified for materials safety and structural integrity (as applicable) requirements only may also have notes indicating that the component has been tested for the reduction of specific contaminants. Because components certified only for materials safety and structural requirements are incapable of functioning without the use of additional components or by being placed into a complete system, performance reduction claims listed as a note are for informational purposes, shall not be considered certified, and may not perform exactly as stated when placed into a system.

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