Self Satisfaction and Accomplishment

Aquathin turned "25 in 2005" to enjoy its Silver Anniversary and it's a great feeling of self satisfaction and accomplishment to be an Authorized Aquathin Dealer. You could not have picked a better time to consider the many benefits of becoming a member of the ever growing Aquathin Family. The Next Quarter Century Celebration Begins !

For over 35 Years Pure Excellence, Aquathin earned seven patents and produced over 70 trademarked devices for markets around the world through more than 600 Authorized Aquathin Dealers. Aquathin is an E.P.A. Registered manufacturer, ISO 9001:2000 Certified and recipient of the prestigious President's Excellence Award in Export from the U.S. Commerce Department and the Nation's Blue Chip Enterprise Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce...and we have a very impressive global Client list.

Long History of Treatment Systems and Technologies

Aquathin has a long history of providing water treatment systems and technologies to bottled water manufacturers...including many of our own Dealers who bottle water. AQUATHINK ULTRA PURE WATER & ICE TO GO! water dispensing sites originally are designed to be compact yet provide superior quality and maximum returns.

More Successful versus an Ordinary Water Store

What Makes AquathinK More Successful versus an Ordinary Water Store or Bottled Water Company? First AquathinK is not a water store nor in the water delivery business. Our understanding and knowledge of the water store and bottled water industry gave us the opportunity to remove the negatives and develop this format that is not "easily" duplicated as you will soon see. Locally Established, Locally Purified, Locally ConsumedLocally AquathinK. Built in Customer loyalty, prompt is fad proof, recession proof...and the only thing that could ever mess this if someone invented a substitute for water ! So lean back, review and enjoy the extensive and long established impressive reputation of Aquathin,...and consider choosing your future with AquathinK.