How It Works

Operationally, the core of the business is the AquathinK Center.

An AquathinK Center includes:

1. All the equipment necessary to purify and dispense water

  1. Pretreatment equipment
  2. Tank, including controllers and sensors
  3. Reverse Osmosis Deionization
  4. Sanitization Station
  5. Water Dispenser

2. AquathinK SweetStar Satellite Control Panel, a technological breakthrough proprietary to AquathinK, that performs the following functions:

  1. Monitors the technical parameters of the equipment constantly via satellite to ensure that it is working at optimum performance at all times. This ensures that the water being dispensed is of the purest quality all the time.
  2. Alerts the operator when maintenance is required and monitors whether it has been performed.
  3. Issues a sales receipt with each sale showing the quality of the water poured.
  4. Sends all sales data to a private AquathinK Data website that can be viewed by authorized persons. You can monitor all your sales and those of your AquathinK Stores 24/7/365-360 (360 equals any point on the compass) by accessing that private website.

3.Aquathin University Training.

4.Brand identity signage.

5.Supervised installation of equipment and training of operating personnel.

6.All maintenance items so that AquathinK Owners may adequately maintain the AquathinK equipment as well as that of all AquathinK Stores

The standard AquathinK Center has a capacity of 1,200 gallons per day. It is expandable to 3,600 gallons per day. We invite you to read our FAQ section learn more specifics. Financial projections using real data from operating AquathinK Centers is available to seriously interested parties. Pease click on the CONTACT section.