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Waterguard open house

Over the last several years,  our industry has been introduced to various models of "leak detectors"many of which are no longer on the market due to failure to detect, false alarms, difficult to install on water lines, expensive or too cheaply made...low volume.

And all were directed for undersink locations.  Insurance industry reports(1) that while weather-related claims are most common, fire causes the most expensive claims, accounting for nearly one quarter of the total claim costs. Fires are often caused by appliance and machinery misuse or failure, electrical problems, including wiring or outlet issues, and cooking. Typically two main causes of water damage weather events, such as rain or snow melt, and other issues, such as pipes bursting or leaking, joints, sewer or sump pump backups or appliance leaks (hot water tanks, washing machines) followed fire as the most expensive claims.

 The same company that for the past 30+ years, has provided Aquathin our relays for your Commercial RODI Systems has introduced

WATER GUARDsmall, compact,yet robust and inexpensive.



             Simply install a 9 volt battery and lay it down !!!


  • AND EQUALLY IMPRESSIVE  >>> Consider giving free with purchase, service.  Charge $24.00 each for all additional locations.


Water Guard


 Providing continuous, 24 hour protection against water damage, the Water Guard is

compact and easy to use. Just place the WG1 near your water sensitive areas and it will

sound a 90 dB alarm when water is present.

Features / Benefits

Responds to direct contact with water

Powerful 90 dB audible alarm

Compact design, small enough to place behind appliances

Floating case

Continuous alarm up to 72 hours

Low batter indicator

Powered by 9 V battery (not included) no 110v or 220v plug-ins

Dimensions: 2 ¼ X 4 X 1 ¼

Weight: 3 ozs.

90 day Warranty


Sump Pumps             Near Plumbing

Water Heaters            Dishwashers

Closets                        Under Water Beds

Garage                        Computer Rooms

Under Sinks               Kitchens

Washing Machines  Toilets

Bathrooms                  Basements

Near Fish Tanks

(1)  http://www.insurancejournal.com/news/national/2016/04/06/404400.htm


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