US law would allow treated boat sewage discharge.

" Aquathin OP-ED Commentary"

Recently I emailed you an article discussing paying Californian's $1000 to drink poison

for their part in a test. Here is an article that goes into the same "can you believe how

stupid this world is getting" catagory ! I am sure that after you read it you may not look

forward to ever going to the beach again. Fortunately, the last line of the article is the

silver lining.

"Remember...the next best thing to owning an Aquathin is recommending one to a friend!  Consult your Local, National and International Authorized Aquathin Dealer."


US law would allow treated boat sewage discharge.

United States

Washington, D.C.


New Jersey Congressman James Saxton has introduced the

Recreational Waters Protection Act bill (HR 4917) which would

change national Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) standards, allowing

the use of onboard sewage treatment systems in waters that are

now US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-designated "no-discharge


The proposed act would do three things: direct the EPA to review

the capabilities of existing marine sanitation technology and publish

revised standards for MSDs; provide that the standards require a

baseline effluent water quality of not more than 10 fecal coliform

per 100 milliliters; and amend the law so that states cannot prohibit

the discharge of sewage (whether treated or not) for vessels that

operate a type I or II MSD that meets the revised standards of the

Recreational Waters Protection Act.


Saxton is chairman of the House Fisheries, Conservation, Wildlife

and Oceans subcommittee. It appears, thus far, he has not found

any Congressional co-sponsors.




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Edited from Tech Bank 12/08/2000