Megachar Series (@)

The MEGACHAR was produced because of a growing concern for the possible negative effects resulting from bathing in water that contains organic pollutants, chlorine, chloramines as well as a concern for breathing in the vapors while taking showers. The exposure from bathing in and breathing in vapors of water containing pollutants could be in greater concentrations than acquired through drinking. Yet, we must be aware of both drinking and washing water and give each a high degree of importance. The MEGACHAR contains the finest granular activated carbon available and is capable of an efficient reduction of organic contaminants. Because of varying levels of organics, as well as the probability of the presence of more than one, the life of the carbon bed is difficult to calculate. That is why we choose to use the SOFT AND CLEAN Timed Valve to backwash the bed to prolong the ability of reducing organics through the removal of sediments that can prevent organic adsorptions.

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