Poll: Water supply could be terrorist target.


NEW YORK — Sixty-one percent of people recently polled by Newsweek said it would be at least somewhat likly that a water

supply would be the next target for a terrorist attack. Other places also considered likely targets are a major business or

government building (70 percent), a stadium or sports arena (63 percent) or a major bridge or tunnel (61 percent), according to the magazine.

Sixty-seven percent of those polled said they were at least somewhat confident that national and local governments were

prepared to deal with a terrorist attack with chemical or biological weapons. Nineteen percent said they were very confident, while 24

percent were not too confident and 7 percent said they were not confident at all, Newsweek reported.

However, the magazine reported only 7 percent of people polled thought it was very likely they or their families will be exposed to

anthrax or some other biological agent in the near future. Fifteen percent said it was somewhat likely, 40 percent said it was not too

likely, and 37 percent said not at all likely.

Newsweek said an overwhelming majority (94 percent) of Americans have not taken any steps to protect themselves against a potential chemical or biological attack.

A narrow majority of 52 percent say they are more sympathetic towards people who have taken such steps and understand their

fears, while 33 percent said they are more critical of them for overreacting and hoarding supplies that may be needed by others, Newsweek reported.


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Edited from Tech Bank 10/23/01