PCE contamination shuts down city's well

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The quick read demonstrates some of the issues compounding the problems in water contamination.

Perchloroethylene is extemely hazardous and regulated at only 5 parts per billion MCL. It is used in dry cleaning, degreasing, and the manufacture of rubber, paints, adhesives, resins, oils and fumigants. 'Perc' as it is commonly referred to is a VOC and carcinogen affecting the nervous system, liver and kidneys, causes narcosis (a deep stupor or unconsciousness) and is an irritant to lungs. So its just as devastating from injestion as it is though inhalation in showers. The compounding I am referring to is the proposed "short term" bandaid to continue to deliver "diluted" contaminated water.  How would you like to hear this in your community!  Most everyone lives nearby areas exposed to perc. Pay very close attention to this contaminate. The MCL will be reduced...meaning that the water we were told was safe with 5 ppb of perc "then" was not safe by "tomorrow's" standards.  How do you feel about that?!  I Love my Aquathin...MegaChar AND RODI !!!!!!!

PCE contamination shuts down city's well

MARTINSVILLE, IN — Tetrachloroethylene, also known as perchloroethylene (PCE), has been found in the city's water system, causing officials to shut down one of its three wells and initiate the cleanup of its drinking water supply.  Officials said Tuesday that they believe temporary corrective measures have made the water safe to drink, at least in the short term, according to the Indianapolis Star.

According to the newspaper, city officials said the well with the highest reading has been shut down and water from the other two wells is being blended to dilute the contaminant below the federal limit for safety.  State environmental officials are searching for the source of the THC, a chemical often used by dry cleaners, but said the problem could be from chemicals dumped or buried decades ago that slowly are seeping underground and reaching the city's wells, the newspaper reported.  State environmental regulators consulting with city leaders expect a corrective plan within a few months, and the changes to be made in a year, the Star reported.

Officials are planning to develop a new well field that may reside northeast of the city if land can be purchased, the newspaper said.  If the land is too pricey, the water could be cleaned with a charcoal filtration or aeration system, the article said.  These options could cost up to $1 million, officials said, according to the Star.  Tests have found the chemical in samples drawn from two of the city's three wells. The third tested clear of the pollutant but the three wells are only 150 feet apart, the article said.  The US Environmental Protection Agency places the maximum level for PCE in drinking water at 5 parts per billion, while Martinsville's closed well tested at 8.5 parts per billion, according to the article.


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