No more Poland Spring!

Hi Alfie-this is Sherry, Cheryl and Greg Petersen's next door neighbor.

Just wanted to let you know that even though we got off to a bit of a rough start with the RO water installation, everything has fallen into place.

In fact, at first my husband wouldn't look at it. He's been drinking Poland Spring so long he thinks all other water is poisonous or something!

After much ado I FINALLY got him to try it and guess what..... no more Poland Spring!

In fact, when I got up this morning after my husband had gone to work, I went to brush my teeth and found no toothpaste. I know there was a full tube last night.

I scramble to find a new tube and then come out to the kitchen to find not only the toothpaste, but his toothbrush also. Now he won't even brush his teeth with the regular water!

Good job Alfie. Thanks for everything!


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