This Is Why Aquathin Is Masters Of Water's Last Mile

Dead snakes and mice, toxic sludge: How pathogens go unnoticed in

America's water towers.


Many water towers have been left to fester, sometimes making people sick. The federal EPA has been looking into uniform regulations for years.


Water storage tanks, especially those sitting atop towers emblazoned with logos, serve as the most visible symbol of an amenity most Americans take for granted clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing. Theyre also one of the most vulnerable points in a public water supply. An opening as small as a few millimeters could prove the difference between drinking a glass of clean water and one contaminated by insects or animal feces that can cause diarrhea or respiratory infections.  Inspectors have found bloated snakes, mice and raccoons floating in water storage tanks after passing through small openings and drowning. Pigeon droppings and other animal excrement have sickened entire communities after literally slipping through cracks. Contaminated tap water causes tens of millions of illnesses each year, experts estimate, contributing to as many as 1,000 American deaths. No one tracks how many are related to water tower contamination. NOW:  DO YOU WANT A FILTER THAT CONTINUES TO ALLOW YOUR FAMILIES TO CONSUME CONTAMINATES OR INVEST IN A PURIFCATION SYSTEM THAT REMOVES "ALL" CONTAMINATES TO THE VERY BEST POSSIBLE CAPACITY !?!?! AQUATHIN CUSTOMERS HAVE KNOWN FOR GENERATIONS THAT THEIR PATENTS EARNED MULTI-BARRIER RODI UF PURIFICATION SYSTEMS PROTECT THEM.