What Your Body Does in a Day…made possible by H2O!


For those of you who have attended Aquathin University and The Road Show Aquathin U., you may recall my story about  classes here with and MDs, DCs, DOs, Homeopaths, Naturopaths, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, and Health Managers.  I ask them "how much of the human body is made up of water?"


Responses range from 65% to 85%.  Then I tell them, "well if indeed our bodies are 65% to 85%, then 65% to 85% of your knowledge of health best be about watercause if it is lacking, all other support knowledge is compromised."


Below is a tremendous PowerPoint from my friend Samthat drives home the above lesson !!!  Feel free to use.


      This is by far the most interesting, fascinating and informative email I  have receivedeasy to understand and enlightening.  The info is unbelievable & incredible to say the least.  What Your Body Does in a Day: Read on

Sometimes you may feel like your body is beginning to creak and fail you on the outside, but do you ever stop to consider the incredible work that is taking place inside of it? There is so much going on and everything fits together so well, that it's almost impossible to comprehend it. This presentation will remind you that there are miracles going on inside your body every single day.






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