Sodialite Soft & Clean installation 21 Years "New"

SodiaLite Soft & Clean + Megachar

Dear Aquathin Dealers & Customers OnLine;

The pics below are of one of the earliest SodiaLite Soft & Clean Water Conditioners with new Patented ClipCabinet brine tank.

NOTE: This installation is almost 21 years in constant field use in South Florida. You will see the ClipCabinet with built in AquaShield Antimicrobial maintains crystal clear brine water and zero slime on interior walls. This tank has never been emptied nor cleaned out. The brine water is so clear you can see (black dot in upper right) a small centipede that fell into the tank (common for outdoor installation).

Again even though the interior temperature is well over 100°F in direct sun (NOTE exterior label is frayed and jackets etched from sun and weathering), and the likes of the occasional lizard, palmetto bug and centipede falling in, the "incubator-like" environment does not permit the growth of algae, halophylic bacteria or slimeand zero odors as well !

>>> Additionally, these are the original two control valvesonly piston and seals have been replaced once. AND both MegaChar and Soft & Clean survived Hurricanes Wilma and Katrina !!!

So, this is a good Tech & Sales Review from Aquathin U. and the AquaQ's! The ordinary garbage-can style salt brine tanks of ordinary softeners are notorious for bacterial slime formation in them. That cruddy, mungy, brownish, fuzzy junk is created from contaminated rock or solar salt (not fully kiln dried), or exposed to unsanitary conditions. The halophylic bacteria gets sucked into the resin tank during regeneration, can breed in the resin pores and grow downstream, causing foul odors...not to mention the thought of bathing in that isn't too nice. The Aquathin Sodialite Soft & Clean includes the patented Aquathin Clip Cabinet with AquaShield Antimicrobial vs. ordinary garbage can style brine tanks. AquaShield Antimicrobial, integrated during the molding process, keeps the Clip Cabinet's water and salt clean and pristine.

Additional system review: the Clip Cabinet is produced using the rotomold process = thicker walled and no seams. Your Clip Cabinet contains a built in sediment trapper to help prevent dirt and bacteria from contaminated salt being sucked into the control valve's screen and injectors. Your Clip Cabinet is environmentally friendly in that it contains recycled virgin polyethylene and UV inhibitor. Ordinary garbage-can style or tank-in-cabinet model is thin walled blow molded with a seam and known for cracking...cause we used to use them too. Your Soft & Clean system includes a black brine draw tube with UV protection. Theirs does not and will crack causing leaks and service calls.

There are no failsafe features to buy. Your Soft & Clean Clip Cabinet system includes a backup safety float to protect against overflow when making brine...and comes with a protective brine well to keep the safety float from coming in contact with salt that could potentially prevent the float's operation. Your Clip Cabinet also includes a "J Tube Air Check" to prevent the control valve from potentially sucking all the water and pulling in air that could create water hammers in the plumbing.

Like all Aquathin components and products, your Customer gets the best in thought, design, technique and efficiencies...and no brown, fuzzies !

I urge you to print this in color and review with your Team. It's one thing to state "ClipCabinet with Built In AquaShield"and another to show PROOF !

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