Youri Wagner, President of Aquathin South Florida consulted with Aquathin Tech as he was stumped about this Aquathin he had never encountered, as the new owner of Aquathin South Florida. 


Our records showed this Aquathin PSS-1, original predecessor to the PSS90-1 is "34 Years Pure Excellence !"  See attached catalogue sheet.


The home owner is upgrading and sending a note in a Letter Of Delight, that his Aquathin outlasted all his kitchen appliances and his cars !!!


Aquathin was the first company to invent Automatic Shut Off in such a design to optimize pressure reduction on the RO membrane preventing TDS creep, promoting membrane and deionization longevity and efficienciesand end water waste.  And still the "cheapies" don't integrate necessary featuresbut you knew that when you see their elevated TDS and lack of supported claims.  The "cheapies" prey on the guy who will dive to the bottom of the Mississippi River to save a dollar, without regard to their family's health and safety.





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