Author, Melissa Rappaport Schifman is the founder of Green Intention LLC and the Editor and Sustainability Thought Leader at Rise (BuildWithRise.com).  As a LEED Accredited Professional, Melissa led the LEED certification of two million commercial and residential square feet.  Melissa holds her MBA and MA in Public Policy from the University of Chicago and lives in Minneapolis with her family in their LEED Gold Certified home.  LEED [ Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ]


Melissa's family and parents own and have enjoyed their Aquathin Aqualites since 2005 (13 years) installed and maintained by Richard Grassie, President Richard's Custom Water, our mutual longtime friend and Authorized Aquathin Dealer serving Greater Minneapolis for 25+ years.  Melissa consulted with Richard in detail concerning water contamination / best treatment practices and cites "he's my go-to source for healthy water".


I have been very familiar with LEED (concept initiating in UK) over the past two decades with the perception that it was as nebulous fragmented as ISO Certification (which took Aquathin two years to research, understand and achieve) lectured through ego inflated hybrids of a cross between brain surgeon and french chef (no disrespect to either independent profession).


Building A Sustainable Home  "IS THEE" best all-in-1 How To comprehensive easy to read resource for LEEDand elegantly suitable to adorn any coffee table centerpiece.


I especially appreciated  For The Soul section which historically LEED lacks to address.  And I appreciated Melissa pointing out certification is not necessary to enjoy a safe family relaxing LEED home.


From Melissa to Alfie:  "  Here's the bookwith clean water as the #1 most important component of a sustainable home, in my opinion!  We love Richard and your technology -- thank you for keeping my family healthy when we hydrate!.  With gratitude & appreciation, Melissa "


Special Note:  Melissa's book is available on Amazonand I urge you to read and meet with LEED architects in your communities and introduce Building a Sustainable Home, Practical Green Design Choices for Your Health, Wealth and Soul  as a most useful Professional Resource.





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