Recently Aquathin received a call and email from a Customer seeking a cost effective solution for arsenic removal [ not just reduction ] located in an area where we've yet to establish an Aquathin Dealer.  We provided excellent sales, installation and tech support Factory Direct.  Our new Aquathin Customer easily and successfully installed an Aqualite-XF in his family's Connecticut home for arsenic removal.



Attached herewith are the before and after test results showing arsenic "not detected" at the lab's established lowest detection level.  


NOTE:  Over the past years, EPA has reduced arsenic MCL's  [ meaning the water you were told was safewas not safe according to the newer standardsand future standards ].  Ordinary RO has never been effective in "eliminating" arsenic 3 and 5 even when source pressure is optimal.  You will also notice in the test resultsthe Aqualite's removal of nitrates and sulfates. 


Our Customer also purchased a TDS meter and is elated with the quality of his Aqualitedesign, Aquathin supportand that his lab test re-edified what his TDS meter is displayingand of course the taste and clarity of their ice cubes.


We requested permission to consult with the lab to introduce Aquathin as a viable cost effective solution for their arsenic nitrate concerned Customers.  Microlab appreciated our call and was very impressed.





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