Aquathin South Africa

Aquathin South Africa 2017

You are probably aware of the long droughts plaguing South Africa.  Many dam reservoirs are at historical lows.  Cape Town is reporting that unless major rains arrive, it will run out of water in May 2018.

Last year, the government of South Africa had taken unprecedented actions allowing commercial properties that are served by municipal water plants, to drill their own on-site boreholes (wells) in order to hopefully alleviate stressed water demand.

Gordon Bastiaans, longtime friend for almost 20 years and President of Aquathin South Africa , was awarded large scale water treatment for over 40 shopping mall establishments.  A variety of water problems were encountered including high levels of hardness, nitrates, iron, silica, bacteria, chromium, fluoride, arsenic, turbidity.

Aquathin Solutions integrated unique resin medias in extremely user friendly, low maintenance systems ranging from 2" to 6" water lines serviced in Twin Tank System 6/7 and Triplex System 9 Designs. 

The following pictures represent several of the malls and superior installations by Gordon and his Team at Aquathin South Africa.


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