This special NewsBulletin is to inform all Aquathin Dealers and Customers that Aquathin has passed yet another ISO 9001:2015 Reassessment Audit with excellent marks and commentary.   Aquathin has been an ISO Certified Quality Management company since 200515 YEARSand every external audit performed by NQA has been passed without any major non-conformances.   This years Lead Auditor, Pete Marsh, again mentioned to Alfie and I that Aquathin is both one of the easiest and hardest companies to audit. Easy because all of our Processes have been in place for so long without change that it makes his job easier as an Auditor to go through the checklist and verify all the processes are the same with no changes as they were at this time last yearand hard because most companies he audits always have non-conformances and he spends a great deal of time during the audits here at Aquathin looking for non-conformances and flaws within our Quality Management System. This just goes to show how the ISO 9001 has added Value and Quality to Aquathin's products and services.   REMEMBERTHE NEXT BEST THING TO OWNING AN AQUATHIN IS RECOMMENDING ONE TO A FRIEND AND LOVED ONE !   I Love My Aquathin !!!

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