MTBE use is spreading, study says

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This is a quick read article you need to post in your presentation concerning MTBE. In bold you will read that 1 ounce of MTBE contaminates 1000 tons of water

which equals 1,000,000 litres or 265,000 gallons. Your Aquathin Reverse-Osmosis/Deionization (RODI) patented process was tested (refer to catalogue)

for its ability to remove this highly soluable and toxic contaminate in 1990 when it first came on the scene and NO ONE DOES IT BETTER!


MTBE use is spreading, study says


CHICAGO Gasoline additive methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE) is turning up in fuel supplies in states where it is not required, a researcher said.

Reynaldo D. Barreto, associate professor of chemistry at Purdue University North Central, said that means the entire country is

potentially at risk of pollution, according to recent Associated Press (AP) report.

Barreto, who wants an immediate ban on the chemical, said it is likely being spread by tanker trucks, storage facilities and pipes that

once held gasoline containing MTBE, the AP reported. Oil companies have until the end of 2002 to phase out its use, the news agency said.

MTBE also is found in cities where it is not required because it is a common octane enhancer in premium-grade gasoline, said Paul Torstrick,

a member of the Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association board of directors, according to the AP.

Barreto based his research on more than 200 samples collected from gasoline stations in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan, none of

which are required to use MTBE. More than 70 percent of the samples in all three states contained MTBE, and 25 percent of the

total samples contained significant amounts, Barreto told the AP.

In Indiana, 40 percent of the gas stations sampled contained a significant amount of MTBE, over 500 parts per million, Barreto said.

He said one ounce of the substance is capable of contaminating 1,000 tons of water, according to the AP.

A study released last year by the US Geological Survey and the Oregon Graduate Institute's Department of Environmental Study

said about one-third of drinking water wells in 31 states might be contaminated with MTBE, the AP reported.



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