Micro electronics is next boom industry for water treatment.

"Aquathin OP-ED Commentary"

The following article provides information regarding the increase need for ultrapure

(UPW) water in the chip and fiberoptics arena. Aquathin has provided customized

UPW systems for labs for many years and Aquathin UK recently completed a 12,000

gpd 18 meg closed loop system for a leading fiberoptics manufacturer. Commercial

installations are growing at a nice rate and include hospital autoclaves, high pressure

cutting / cleansing machinery, steam boilers. Enjoy!!


 Analysts: Microelectronics is next boom industry for water treatment


LONDON — Microelectronics companies need onsite water treatment facilities that are advanced and comprehensive, according

to end-user interviews conducted by analysts Frost & Sullivan. End users of water treatment in the microelectronics industry are

also indicating a growing interest in optimizing their water efficiencies by installing additional recycling processes to reduce

cost pressures.

A typical water treatment plant in the microelectronics industry might include some form of chemical dosing, carbon filters,

ultraviolet treatment units and membrane separation mixed beds, such as reverse osmosis units with deionization resins, according to

the analysts' report.

In the maturing European markets for both water and wastewater treatment, equipment manufacturers and suppliers will need to

explore underdeveloped industrial end-user sectors, such as the microelectronics industry, according to Frost & Sullivan analysts.

In 1999, the microelectronics industry was estimated to account for more than 12 percent, or $30 million, of the advanced industrial

water and wastewater treatment equipment sales consisting of membrane separation, ion exchange, activated carbon, ozonation

and ultraviolet treatment systems.

The growing emphasis on water purification in the microelectronics industry is likely to further magnify the sales of European process

water treatment equipment to this sector, according to the current Frost & Sullivan analysis of industrial water treatment trends.

The report concludes that manufacturers are expected to hike their future investment in developing new equipment, fabrication facilities

and onsite water treatment plants.



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Edited from Tech Bank 2/14/01