Major city's reservoir may have been body dumping ground

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Sometimes, although it is rare, I am simply speechless. You cannot believe what you are about to read. No one please take offense at my Russian accented title. I know my Russian grandfather would approve ! 


Major city's reservoir may have been body dumping ground


       MOSCOW, RUSSIA — The bodies of eight people were found in a reservoir of a water treatment plant here, police said Thursday.

According to the Associated Press (AP), plant workers found two of the bodies on Wednesday during a routine inspection of the Kuryanovsky aeration station in southeast Moscow, a duty officer in this Russian city police department said.  After reporting the discovery to police, the water level in the reservoir was lowered and six more corpses were found, AP reported.

Police said the bodies had been in the water for a very long time.  The ITAR-Tass news agency quoted an unnamed law enforcement official as saying it could not be ruled out that the eight had been killed and dumped into the reservoir, but it was too early to speculate, AP reported. Organized crime killings are common in Moscow.

An investigation is under way, the news service said.


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Edited from Tech Bank 3/29/02