Lead in water shuts off faucets at NYC schools

"Aquathin OP-ED Commentary"

THIS IS A JOB FOR "AQUATHIN LEAD OUT" ! Aquathin Dealers have a very long and $uccessful history for placing our $uper cost effective and efficient Lead Out Filters in schools, banks and government buildings. Your Aquathin Master Catalogue contains the tests performed at HazLabs showing removal under far more extreme lead concentrations than that given in the article below. The schools are attempting to flush the system.......that is NOT an option. Lead leaching is directly proportional to source water contact time, pH, temperature, conductivity. Flushing will achieve a lower level reading of lead, but only for the moment.  These facilities can experience as quick a ROI (return on investment) by utilizing Lead Outs vs. bottled water in 1- 2 months. $how them the math !

Lead in water shuts off faucets at NYC schools

NEW YORK — The New York City school system has shut off drinking fountains and posted warning signs on sinks at about one in five of its public elementary schools, after finding that the level of lead in the water exceeded federal standards.  The New York Times said the lead was found in water at 222 of the city's 990 elementary schools during tests that started in August.  The levels were not high enough to pose a significant health risk, said David Chai, a spokesman for Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein, but officials began notifying parents, principals and unions at the schools by letter, the newspaper said.  All told, 298 sinks, used mainly for washing hands, and 254 drinking fountains were found to have water that exceeded the federal government's recommended safe level for drinking water, 20 parts per billion, Chai said, according to the Times.  Officials said the source of the lead appeared to be old pipes, said the article.

The city began daily flushing of the water systems of all schools in August to minimize the possibility of lead in the water until each school had its water tested, officials said.

Plumbing systems and fixtures once routinely used lead, but that is now prohibited, according to the website of the New York City Health Department, the article said.  Lead can disrupt the growth and development of a child's brain and nervous system, and is most dangerous to children younger than 6, according to the newspaper. At high levels, it can damage the kidneys, blood and brain.


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Edited from Tech Bank 11/11/02