Kids prefer Aquathin treated water over soda and other sweet drinks

Dear Alfi and dedicated engineering team, 


I wanted to thank you for creating a very well designed system.  After the initial investment, the unit has proven a reliable high quality product.  Filter replacement are both reasonably priced and easy to self service.  The unit remains maintenance free for the last 12 years, thus greatly outperforming my children of the same age.  Interestingly, all the kids prefer Aquathin treated water over soda and other sweet drinks.  I wholeheartedly agree with their taste.  That is just it, there is no taste.  I can imagine ground source water in an agricultural community being especially challenging to treat with all the nitrogen and other chemical seepage into the water table.  Over in our neighboring community, Tri Cities, Washington, the tap water is not palatable.  I would imagine the entire region of Eastern Washington would benefit from your system, if not already.


Twelve years and going strong.  Amazing.  


Alfi, be well and best wish on your future endeavors.





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John K. Portland, OR