Info on poisoning water found on terrorist

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Info on poisoning water found on terrorist suspects


     WASHINGTON — Two al Qaeda terror suspects arrested last week in Denver had documents in their possession about how to poison water supplies, federal officials said, according to a media report.

Fox News reported that James Ujaama surrendered to the FBI in Denver and was discovered to have in his residence documents about water poisoning, among several other terrorism-related documents.

Water systems nationwide are not on high alert, but stepped up efforts to bolster security ever since 11 September. Security experts have repeatedly stated that poisoning a water reservoir is impractical because of the huge amounts it would take to taint water supplies without contaminants being seriously diluted by the sheer volume of most reservoirs.

According to Fox News, sources say the government has additional evidence that prior to 11 September Ujaama was a courier delivering laptop computers to the Taliban.  Federal agents seized two computers and two floppy disks from the house where James Ujaama had been staying when he was arrested as a material witness to terrorist activity, said his brother, according to Fox News.  James Ujaama's brother is Mustafa Ujaama, the founder of the now-closed Dar-us-Salaam mosque in Seattle. The FBI has been investigating activities and officials from the former mosque for several months, Fox News reported.  Investigators believe officials and members of the mosque were trying to establish a terrorist training camp in Oregon, Fox News claimed it has confirmed.

Also in custody, Semi Osman, who Fox News said is accused of having documents about poisoning water supplies in his possession when he was arrested.  Fox News said that according to sources, the Ujaama brothers and Osman are all tied to a prominent radical Muslim cleric in London named Sheikh Abu Hamza Al-Masri, who is wanted in Yemen on terrorism charges.

Investigators said they have evidence indicating that Al-Masri supplied the information about poisoning water supplies to both James Ujaama and Semi Osman, Fox News reported.

The brothers moved to Denver this month from Seattle.  Mustafa Ujaama was detained briefly yesterday when his brother was arrested, Fox reported.


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