IAPMO’s Platinum Water Systems Certification

Dear Aquathin Dealer OnLine, Splash NewsBulletin Members;


Aquathin achieved and has held WQA Gold Seal Certification for many years.   In 2015 Aquathin elected not to renew this certification in 2016 for the purpose of investing in and acquiring IAPMO Certification. The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials is a more prestigious and globally recognized brand in the architectural, construction, plumbing, diagnostics and residential marketplace.  Aquathin systems continues to comply with AND exceed Gold Seal Certification test and quality parameters.


We made this decision with the help and guidance of longtime friend, Tom Palkon, formerly WQA's Interim Executive Director and Vice President & Chief Operations Officernow Senior Vice President of Water Systems at International Association of Plumbing Mechanical Officials.  I respectfully request that you read Tom's commentary as follows:

"IAPMO Research and Testing has been certifying products for over 85 years.  We are accredited in the USA by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), accredited in Canada by the Standards Council of Canada (CSA), accredited in Mexico by e.m.a and accredited in Australia by JAZ-ANZ.  Building officials look to IAPMO R&Ts marks of conformity as a benchmark for acceptable products in their jurisdictions; they promote confidence, open doors and eliminate doubt.  No third-party certification body in North America has been listing plumbing and water treatment products longer than IAPMO.  IAPMOs Platinum Water Systems Certification stands alone when compared to other certification bodies for the following reasons:

1.       Consumer friendly service mark to help consumers understand what was tested and certified

2.       Recognized for credibility by builders, plumbers, architects, and engineers

3.       State of the art testing laboratory 

4.       Accreditations to demonstrate quality, rigor and 3rd party independence

5.       Industry advocacy offered at the dealer level

6.        Links to PDF Versions: IAPMO Cert POU; IAPMO Cert POE ASC; IAPMO Cert POE BFF

7.       Link to IAPMO website, IAPMO R&T Product Listing Directory. (check Listee Name, Search Aquathin Corp.)

As one of the most recognized and credible product testing and certification agencies in North America, both domestic and international Aquathin Dealers should be proud to promote products that are certified by IAPMO Research and Testing."

Tom Palkon

Senior Vice President of Water Systems at International Association of Plumbing Mechanical Officials IAPMO R&T