I cannot imagine my life daily without it !


Hi Aquathin,  




Im not sure where to start other then I need my Aquathin reverse osmosis machine back as soon as possible. We had our Aqualite installed in 2008 when we were renovating our kitchen. Someone had recommended it to us and it sounded like a good idea not that we had any experience with this before.




I cannot imagine my life daily without it !




We have a separate line run for down in the basement where the cats have their food and water and they have the pure water in their bowl every day.  We use it for the coffee pot for my decaffeinated iced tea for everything we cook with.   Also we have it run to our refrigerator instead of just the regular tapwater, our ice is made with Aquathin water.




My kids call me a water and ice snob because when I go out I dont like the taste of other waters and even what the ice does to restaurant drinks. 




In 10 years this is the first time we will be without it and I wish Id ask if we could get a loaner one its going to be difficult without it.  




Hoping for a speedy return,thanks from a very satisfied customer.




Sincerely, BEV & Emmett





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BEV & Emmett