I am a happy owner of your KT 90 water purification system.

Dear Aquathin team,

      For many years (in fact more than 10) I am a happy owner of your KT 90 water purification system.  When I bought it we lived in East Bay area of Northern CA.  We did have a decently clean water supply there but still it wasn't fit for a "facet drinking" quality that we used to living in Europe.  Getting KT 90 has resolved all minor issues and since then we stopped to buy any drinking water in stores - sorry Perrier guys.  We used that purified water for drinking, cooking, and even for our cars batteries :).  

I must note that it was absolutely obvious that our over all health as well as digestive tracts conditions have improved significantly.

     Seven years ago we moved to beautiful Pawleys Island, SC and immediately realized all benefits of having our small, practically portable but very effective purification system.  SC water is, well, different.  Now I am so thankful for the right decision back in time because KT 90 is what keeps our health from excess of chlorine at our local water source. I should also mention that all these years we had an excellent support from the manufacturer either by phone or by its very helpful site explaining all maintenance procedures (how to change filters and so on).

All in all, me and my wife are very happy to be Aquathin customer!

Thank you very much team.  Merry Christmas and successful and healthy 2017 to you and yours.





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George V. - Pawleys Island, SC