Fly larvae in tap water closes reservoir

"Aquathin OP-ED Commentary"

          As if there weren't already enough reasons to have an Aquathin, take a look at this one ! All open reservoirs are susceptible to these types of contaminations....and more !! 


Fly larvae in tap water closes reservoir


NEWPORT BEACH, CA — Tiny, worm-like midge fly larvae found in tap water in some parts of the city have caused officials to stop all water service from Big Canyon Reservoir.

Residents reported seeing what appeared to be worms in their tap water and toilets and reported it to city officials, the Los Angeles Times reported.

On 25 February, the city began supplying water to all homes and businesses directly from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California supplies, and not from the reservoir, the paper said.  The fly larvae measure about one-eighth of an inch long and are harmless, but unpleasant, city officials told the Times.

Pete Anista, the city's utilities director, said the instances of the larvae can happen from time to time. He said there is no real way to get rid of them. Chlorine has been added to the system, and "we're hoping that they will run their cycle," he said in the article.

Anista said water supply from the reservoir will not be resumed until after the larvae are eliminated, the newspaper reported.

The reservoir normally supplies water to most parts of the city.  The city's push to cover the reservoir has been stalemated in Washington for months as city officials have been seeking federal assistance to help pay the $4.2-million cost of a soft plastic cover, the newspaper said. After the 11 September terrorist attacks, the staff was asked to prioritize finding ways to pay for the cover, but so far no funding help has been found.  The city hopes a cover will qualify for homeland security funding, City Manager Homer Bludau told the newspaper.


Think Aquathin...AquathinK!!

Edited from Tech Bank 3/5/02