Florida to rescind city lab's certificate to test water

"Aquathin OP-ED Commentary"

   Not so long ago, municipal water plants and labs had a legal degree of immunity and at the very least, "incidents" got hidden under the carpet. Not any more. Law suits are starting to fly against municipal plants, their operators...and water testing labs. We see "incidents" like the one you will read below, all over the world. A result of these problems is that the public is only notified after the fact... and they do not know how long there had been a problem that allowed them to continue to trust the water from their taps.

I urge you to reprint this email and arm your Sales Team so that the next time they talk with a stubborn prospect who says something stupid like "I've been drinking this water for 50 years and it ain't killed me yet"...they can show them this article and state " oh, is this what you're waiting for !"  I love my Aquathin !

Florida to rescind city lab's certificate to test water

POMPANO BEACH, FL — The Florida Department of Health will rescind the city water plant laboratory's certification to check city water for certain chemicals.

Stephen Arms, health department program administrator, said the city's water is safe to drink and "not yet" a problem, the Sun Sentinel reported.

But in a test of the lab's ability, it failed in some cases to meet the requirements of the regulations, Arms said in the article.  The city's laboratory tests chemicals in the water, and also does some testing of wastewater.  Arms said his department gave the city three options when it presented its findings in September: accept a suspension, file for an appeal hearing within 21 days, or do nothing. If the city chooses to do nothing, the state agency will pull the right to test for chemicals in the water, the newspaper said.  "At this point, I think they've chosen the third option. We will revoke their certification," Arms said, according to the article. The city has the option of subcontracting the testing to a certified laboratory, he said.