Feds say al Qaeda studying water plants

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Feds say al Qaeda studying water plants


     NEW YORK — Documents captured from Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda lieutenants in Afghanistan reveal that al Qaeda operatives have been investigating ways to contaminate or disrupt the nation's water supply on a massive scale, according to media reports.

The New York Post, quoting an article in Time magazine, said the threat is so serious that the FBI issued a warning to the utilities last week.

Tom Curtis of the American Water Works Association said manuals on how water treatment centers and utilities operate were recovered from al Qaeda's lairs, the newspaper reported.  Captured fanatics in Pakistan said al Qaeda has mulled tainting the water supply with cyanide or botulinum, according to the Post, but experts say the poisonous path would require truckloads of toxins.  Instead, the Post said, it's more likely that terrorists would use truck bombs or other explosives to blow up pumping stations.  Other areas can be disrupted with a couple of sticks of dynamite; either scenario would require several months of reconstruction of new infrastructure, according to the newspaper.  In addition to increased protection for the pumping stations and pipes, the utilities are going to Washington seeking a bigger piece of the Homeland Security budget, the newspaper said.

The administration has earmarked $16 million but the industry said security enhancements will cost billions, the Post reported.


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Edited from Tech Bank 7/16/02