European Union targets water

European Union targets water Contaminants.

"Aquathin OP-ED Commentary"

 The "Evolution of Awareness" is getting accelerated in Europe. I can recall not so long

ago, various water authorities in Europe heralding, with almost utter sanctity, "our water

is fine and no need for silly water filters!" As you will read, Europe is now trying to do

the right thing...even if it takes 20 years. The continuing problem is that of the vast

contaminates they now admit are in the environment and wish to regulate, they fail

to advise they have no program in place for treating what already is present.

Our presentation states "...the water we were told was safe to drink 20 years ago, was

not safe by today's standards...and you can be sure the laws will be more protective 20

years from now. We at Aquathin will not allow our families to wait for the safest

water...that's why we produce the most effective reverse osmosis water purification

systems today". Now how's that for forsight !!!!!!!!!


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BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — As a follow-up to its recent Water

Framework Directive, the European Commission has proposed a

priority "hit list" of 32 water pollutants.

The commission said that after the council and the European

Parliament had adopted the list, it would propose water quality

standards and emission controls for these chemicals. The

commission's goal is to stop all releases of substances on the list

classified as priority hazardous substances — such as mercury, and

cadmium — to the aquatic environment within 20 years.

For another 11 of the priority substances, including lead and several

herbicides, the commission is proposing that a study be conducted

by 2003 to determine whether they should be classified as

additional priority hazardous substances.

"This final step of the long process to adopt and implement the

Water Framework Directive is a milestone in water policy, not only

for the community, but also in a global context," said Environment

Commissioner Margot Wallström. "We will tackle pollutants that we

have known well for years and others which came to our attention

only more recently."




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Edited from Tech Bank 1/23/01