Detroit to Test Water more Often.


DETROIT — The city will be conducting tests of its water supplies more often to make sure drinking water in southeastern Michigan is

safe from contamination by terrorists.

Kathleen Leavey, interim director of the city's Water and Sewerage Department, said staff is conducting additional toxicology testing on

a regular basis, more than twice a day to ensure nothing has been put in the water system, the Detroit Free Press reported.

She said the department, which supplies water to 4.5 million customers in 126 communities, has been on security alert since 11

September when terrorists attacked New York and the Pentagon.

City water officials are meeting to determine whether more security staff and new equipment are needed to keep the water safe, she said.

The water system has not had any specific threats, said spokesman George Ellenwood. Security at water departments and utilities

throughout the country has been stepped up since the attack, he said.


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Edited from Tech Bank 9/21/01