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Thank you for your inquiry and your interest. Aquathin turned "35 in 2015" to enjoy its Pearl Anniversary and you could not have picked a better time to consider the many benefits of becoming a member of the ever growing Aquathin Family. The Celebration Begins !

Aquathin manufactures a broad spectrum of unique and proprietary water purification, softening and filtration systems servicing the residential, commercial and laboratory markets. For a quick review of our superior Reverse Osmosis Deionization purification efficiency click here .

Established in 1980 Aquathin has earned 7 patents and now produces over 70 proprietary and trademarked devices for markets around the world through more than 600 Authorized Aquathin Dealers. Aquathin is an E.P.A. Registered manufacturer, ISO 9000 Certified and recipient of the prestigious President's Excellence Award in Export from the U.S. Commerce Department and the Nation's Blue Chip Enterprise Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. We have a very impressive global client list that we would like to share with you. Recently we have launched a project two years in the making, for Authorized Aquathin Dealers to provide total home air and water security.

We shall mail additional information about Aquathin, our history of accomplishments, achievements, awards and capacities...and of course, the many benefits of becoming an Authorized Aquathin Dealer. You will read in the cover letter, that if you enjoy what you see from this preliminary information (and we certainly hope that you do), you are invited to call back and request our complete set of Master Catalogues. They are quite thick and expensive...and although free to you, we want to make sure they go to the most seriously interested parties.

Regarding franchise and branding; Aquathin does not sell franchises or charge for territories. We want to make sure that our Dealers are service oriented and knowledge driven. We know that even though we make the best water treatment systems in the world, ultimately they are only as good as the people representing them.

I look forward to hearing from you upon review of the information you are about to receive.


37 Years Pure Excellence

Think Aquathin...AquathinK !!


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