Company faces suit for alleged water contamination


Company faces suit for alleged water contamination


LOS ANGELES — Lockheed-Martin Corp. is facing trial after being sued by four plaintiffs alleging the company's chemical runoff contaminated Burbank water.

The Los Angeles Times said the firm paid $60 million in 1996 to 1,350 residents and $5 million in 2000 to 400 residents in out-of court settlements related to

cancer-causing chemicals first found in 1980 in Burbank.

Lockheed Spokeswoman Gail Rymer said the four cases are the first lawsuits to actually go to trial, the newspaper reported. Settlement discussions took place,

but no agreement was reached, she said.

The federal case began with jury selection Wednesday in US District Court in Los Angeles.  The jury will first decide if the corporation is liable, according to the

newspaper. If the plaintiffs are successful, the jury would then decide on damages, the article said.