Aquathin Team has been nothing less than FANTASTIC!!

Team Aquathin,

We've had an Aquathin Platinum 90 Reverse Osmosis Deionization water purification system since 1994.  We purchased it when we were stationed at Altus AFB, OK and have taken it with us throughout the remainder of my Air Force career.  In other words, we've installed it on 4 separate occasions (Altus, OK, Bellville, IL, McGuire AFB, NJ, and now in Williamsburg, VA.   With the Platinum 90 we also purchased the tackle box style RODI purifier to use when we were on the road.  And of course we LOVE both of them.

Before moving from NJ to VA in 2004, we purchased a water softener, an Aquathin Soft & Clean Model ASC40K/F plus a MEGACHAR whole house filtration system and brought it with us to install in our new home.   It was installed by a local plumber since there were NO Aquathin dealers in the area.

That brings me to all the support we've received from the Aquathin Team (Alfie and his Gang).  It's an absolute pleasure working with everyone from Aquathin.  It really makes you feel special when you receive an email response back from the President and CEO on any issue or concern with any of our systems.  At one time we sent our Platinum 90 back to Aquathin at one time for them to check out, install new seals/filters, and it came back as good as new.  At another time, we purchased the kit and instructions on how to replace the charcoal in the MEGACHAR and the resin for the softener!  Everything worked out perfectly.  And I know if I experienced any kind of problems or had any questions the Aquathin team would have no problems providing a solution.


Again, my experience with the Aquathin Team has been nothing less than FANTASTIC!!  We're thinking of moving to Ohio in the near future and, of course, plan to take our Platinum 90 with us.  As for the softener, we'll have to work something out to purchase another because we couldn't be more pleased with our system.


THANK YOU again Alfie for everything.  I'm sure we'll be in touch.





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Jeff B - Virginia