Aquathin Aqualite RO/DI Water Purification System

AQUATHIN® lites the way into the future of Water Purification with the AQUALITE™

The AQUALlTE ™ Water Purification System is comprised of three patents to give you the most effective and efficient water treatment system in the Universe.  We Golden guarantee it! NO ONE DOES IT BEITER.

The Patented Reverse Osmosis Deionizntion  Process provides water that is salt free and eliminates nitrates, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and disease causing waterborne micro-oganisms. The Patented IQ-EMP Selectronic Memory Panel is light years ahead of the industry providing illuminating LED self-diagnostics of the AQUALlTE's™ water purification procedures, for the best taste in life.

Enhance the quality of your family’s life with AQUALITE ™


Modular Frame: 7-1/2" W X 9-1/4" H X  16'' L

Holding Tank Capicity: 4 gallon (larger tanks available) NSF Approved. T


  • Model AQL-1: Aquathin Spiral Wound Cellulose Triaretate. 14gpd / 21 gpd with optional pump
  • Model AQL-2: Aquathin Spiral WoundThin Film Composite. 18 gpd I 32 gpdwith optional pump
  • Model AQL-XF: Aquathin Spiral WoundThin Film Composite. 40 gpd


  • 1st stage: Proprietary Anionic plus Cationic Resin complimenting the Aquathin Reverse Osmosis Element.
  • 2nd stage: Granular Activated  Carbon
  • 3rd and 4th stages: Proprietary technology prevents reverse migration of contaminates.


  • CARB-6 Granular Activated Carbon downstream from holding tank


  • PREFILTERS: YES, 100+, GARB 12, CARB 10, SEO 10
  • PBA: Zero noise Platinum Booster Pump Assembly. Plugs right into pre-installed Pump Jack. (When feed PSI is below 40 and/or more water is desired...Operates at 100PSI.
  • TDS Monitor

WARRANTY: "AQUATHIN EXCLUSIVE LIFETIME WARRANTY"  for parts, except for modular changes and abuse. 2 year limited warranty on electric components.

APPLICATION: Where kitchentop space is not readily available. For convenient out of sight installation and automatic ice maker hook up. Easily maintained.

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