Dear all, 

Thank you very much for reinstating  the lifetime warranty for my water purifier. I am very very grateful. 

Thank you Mr Lipshultz for acknowledging and confirming that there on your records too , so that I can be sure this will remain in place now for the future. It is wonderful news for us.

I am more than happy to write a testimonial as an enthusiastic Aquathin advocate, as I  have been very grateful of my water purifier over all these years for my family. 


I bought my Aqualite water purifier many years ago now, as a new mum looking into the health and nutritional needs of my newly growing family. 

It goes without saying how precious water is for us all as humans and for healthy body function so it felt hugely important to consider and research. I was surprised at the results I found.

I love the fact  I could measure the water quality myself and also compare the reading to normal tap and bottled water.

Not forgetting of course that the taste of the water is so lovely, even our neighbour used to pop round for a glass quite regularly!

In fact I can honestly say that we would rather carry around a flask of our water from home to drink and regularly do! 

This may sound extreme but only someone who has tasted the difference will know what I mean!!

We drink a lot of water at home both for us and our pets and use it for all our cooking needs too ! 

I honestly feel that this Aquathin Aqualite water purifier is one of the best decisions I have made and with just a regular once a year service check to change the filters, it seems just as good now today, as the day I bought it.

The TDS meter reading of the water quality confirms this!!

Thank you Alfie at Aquathin for producing this wonderful purifier and distributing it to the UK and for your wonderful customer service. I am so happy to have ours.

It is a pleasure to speak to you and your newly registered UK Aquathin distributors Adam and Chris.

I will be recommending you to all our friends!

From one very happy mum in Sussex!  

Best Wishes

Kind regards