Irish village loses water supply after inspectors find uranium in well

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Dear Aquathin Dealer OnLine with special attention to The Pure H2O Company-Aquathin Ireland;  There's new drink at the corner pub called Atomic Bushmill's ! [for those that do not know, Bushmill's is a very famous brand of Irish whisky]  Actually this is a very serious concern for two counts. What makes this "extremely serious" is the residents have been consuming water with uranium for no one knows how long... and only now informed due to implementing equipment to detect. Secondly, radon is most always associated with naturally occuring uranium...and there is no mention here which connotes a false sense of security for this contaminate.

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Irish village loses water supply after inspectors find uranium in well

DUBLIN, Ireland - Environmental officials began inspecting the water supplies of an Irish county Thursday after uranium was found in one village's well.  Wicklow County Council ordered the well supplying Baltinglass, 30 miles (50 kms) southwest of Dublin, closed Wednesday after an Environmental Protection Agency (news - web sites) inspection discovered traces of Uranium-238 in the well. Several hundred homes remained without water Thursday as a result.

County officials said they suspected the uranium levels were caused naturally — most likely from the granite predominantly found in the Wicklow Mountains — and had been in the supply for many years.  Ireland has no nuclear program, nor does it have any legal guidelines governing the acceptable amount of uranium in water.  The EPA made the discovery only because it purchased its first uranium-testing equipment this year. The health board covering the Wicklow area said lengthy consumption of uranium at the levels detected could cause kidney damage.

But Wicklow's lawmaker from the opposition Labor Party, Liz McManus, said the latest find illustrated a troubling trend of pollution in Wicklow, a beautiful region touted in tourist literature as "the garden of Ireland" but increasingly under pressure as a southern suburb of Dublin.  McManus noted that households in two Wicklow towns, Blessington and Arklow, have been ordered to boil their water because of bacteriological outbreaks and failures in sewage treatment, while the discovery of illegal septic dumps had jeopardized springs and wells elsewhere.


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